Betula utilis D. Don

Betula utilis D. Don

Family :


English Name:


Local Name :

Bhoj Patra, Zhonzree

Description :

A small deciduous tree or shrub. The leaves are silky, soon becoming glabrous, 5 to 10 cm long, ovate and acute serrate. The bark is conspicuously white, peeling off in large papery layers. The male flowers are catkins, and the female flowers are spikes. It flowers in May. The fruit is a winged nut. It reproduces by seed and by suckers. Growth is slow. Exists as individual trees rather than stands so browsing by livestock tends to be a problem. Bark is peeled off and used for writing paper. Even grained having Pink or white sapwood

Distribution :

Native to the Himalayas up to 4000 m above sea level. Usually, gregarious. Occasionally a single tree. Grows on high mountain slopes and internal valleys in the Himalayas. Can grow on rocky steeps.

Uses :

 Is used as Fuel, fodder and furniture.