Quercus glauca Thurb.

Quercus glauca Thurb.

Family :


English Name:

Barin Oak

Local Name :


Description :

A small or medium sized evergreen tree, 20 m tall with a diameter of 75 cm. The leaves are 10 cm by 3 cm, oblong acuminate. The bark is smooth and grey in color. Male flowers are catkins and the female flowers on short axillary peduncle. The flowers occur between March and April. The fruit is an acorn or nut, 2 cm long. It is not gregarious and has no known insect or disease problems. Slow growing and it is reproduced from seed. It is gradually disappearing from its natural habitat due to heavy biotic pressure. Grins are closed with hard density and dark color sapwood.

Distribution :

The tree is native to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. This tree prefers moist ravines in a moist temperate climate with freezing temperatures in winter, 900 mm/yr rainfall annually and an elevation range between 800 and 2000 m.

Uses :

This tree is managed only for fuelwood, but the branches are lopped for fuel, fodder and timber. Very strong and durable.